Meet the Versiplug, the reliable self-bailing brain plug made specifically for your PWC. Now you’ll never have to put the plugs in or take the plugs out. Because the versiplug is automatic! Put them in once and never think about it again!. 

How Does the Versiplug work? 


I've got a Duckbill drain, why is the Versiplug better? 


  • The Versiplug body is made from aircraft aluminum and then anodized for the corrossion protection.

  • The Versiplug valve ball is fuel and oil resistant, and held in by a corrosion resistant stainless steel pin.


  • The Versiplug installs in under a minute, just replace your factory drain plug with the Versiplug!

  • The Versiplug s virtually indestructible!

  • The Versiplug drains your hull completely and makes flushing a breeze!

Extensive Testing: We've been beating on the Versiplug in our own PWCs:

  • broken hulls: 2

  • broken ride plates: 1 (see image to right)

  • broken nozzles: 5

  • broken feet: 2

  • Versiplugs: NO failures of any sort!

Does it work with my PWC/Jet Ski/Wave Runner?

  • Versiplug #1200/1201 - Yamaha Wave Runners and Boats - All models except Superjet

  • Versiplug #1400/1401 - Sea-DOO, Honda and Polaris Watercraft

  • Versiplug #1300/1301 - Kawasaki Jets Skis - if it has a hull plug

  • Versiplug Kit #1151 Black Versiplug w/ Flange and hardware - Hydrospace S4