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World ChampION RACER Craig Warner USES THE Versiplug FROM



“At 1st i was really skeptical about it because i hate duck bill drains. All i can say is this thing is magic, it works great! All you have to do is unscrew your stock drain plug and then pull on it to remove it, then screw in the versiplug. There is a little white ball that closes the drain with water pressure. Once you start riding the ball moves rearward allowing any water to exit and when you stop the ball seals the drain again. It’s really cool.”

— Fateracing –


“I have been using the versiplug the last 2 outings, and this thing is da bomb!! my SXR used to always have a small amount of water in the hull that my rule wouldn’t get close to, and now it is bone dry. this thing is awesome. I highly recommend it to anyone who uses a duckbill or has a habit of ingesting a lot of water during riding.”

— Jetaddict –


“The Versa plugs (actually spelled versiplug) work great……. a definite must-have….. no hoses to come off (stock bilge) or wiring issues (aftermarket). salt water is hard on electrical connections…. i would always have some type of dependable, mechanical oneway on any ski in the surf. The Versaplug fits the bill….. been running mine for months with no issues…. can’t say the same about my bilge or duckbills (knocked off quickly).”

— Philip Clemmons –


“For so long I have fallen victim to duck bills falling off or leaking. The original concept was great but using rubber is risky. Can’t tell you how many watercraft I’ve seen sink due to the rubber duck bill falling or leaking. At the ’08 finals I found a interesting replacement to the duck bill concept. At the PWC Doctor booth I was able to talk with the guys about this new style of drain plugs. Talk about some cool stuff. Easy to install and remove if desired.”

— Skips313 –


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